Sweet Memories

When Gracie tells me I’m pretty 😍

Driving in the car and both my kids telling my “You’re the best!”

Timmy telling my cousin Jon that he loves the pictures on his arm {tatoos} lol

Timmy woke me up this morning at 5am saying he needs to tell me a secret..”Jesus loves me mommy and I miss him. I want him to come to my house so I can take care of him.” I think the Easter story we’ve been reading has him alittle concerned about Jesus well being.

When Grace gives her nighttime kisses she’s about 2 inches from your face and making a circle. It’s hilarious because she thinks she’s giving you kisses all over your face but she no where near you.

Timmy packed a plastic bag with envelopes and said he was going to talk to Jesus. And then he went and sat in the corner and kept telling grace that he was visiting with Jesus.

Tried to give Timmy carrots for dinner. Says he’s not a rabbit, he’s a boy. 

We are big into tweezers right now. Sqwwweeezers in Timmy language. this is how we unloaded the dryer today. 😒

The best view.

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