The stuff Timmy does these days is so shocking to me that I don’t even know what to say to him.

Yesterday he was in the tub and tells me he’s making me a cake {the boy is always cooking for me 😝}. Suddenly I was wondering how he turned the water in the bowl yellow. Yup he peed in it. So gross yet he thinks it’s a brilliant idea. 

Today he’s yelling mom come here. I knew they were being too quiet but no one was crying sooo. Well I go to see what he’s so proud to show me. He has his hulk blow up glove on one hand and a cowboy gun in the other. Says look mom! Punches Grace with the glove and then shoots her. This is not the sweet boy I know lives here somewhere. 

We don’t watch violent shows at all. Turns out these Disney movies aren’t the warm fuzzy feeling movies I remember. I’m over here trying to figure where my son learned to shoot things and then remembered we watched Bambi and Poccahontus recently. That’s as violent as it gets in this house. 

I guess boys are gonna be boys. 

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