Timmy Talk

“Mom do bugs have smily faces?” Sure.

“Mom I need to go outside and cut all the grass so that Santa Clause will come.” Sorry Timmy it’s May and those are pretend scissors. 😂

Talking to a bug..

“Hey mommy love bug do you want to come home and find your daddy and your boy and your sister? Do you want to go in my house?”

“Mom, mommy love bug doesn’t talk, she won’t answer me.”

“Where’s this freakin puzzle piece go?” Timmy! We don’t say freakin. “But mom I don’t know where this freakin piece goes that’s why we say freakin.” Hmm.

“Sorry mom this is not for adults, only for kids.”

“Guess what mom it’s my birthday!” Timmy your birthday isn’t until December. “No mom it’s today and if you don’t start making the cake now you will miss it.”

Timmy why are you wearing fairy wings? “If I catch the wind right I will fly mommy.”

“Do birds like grass?” No they eat worms and lizards. “No they don’t mom! That’s disgusting! Only moths eat that.” – I’m learning so much over here lol

At Disney…on the people mover ride…arms wide…  “Look mom, the WHOLE kingdom!”

I love this kid! 


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