Sweet Memories

When your three year old is playing Legos and says look mom I built a church. πŸ’— pretty sure that is God winking at me and saying you’re doing an ok job.

Everything and anything princess related that Grace sees in the store she screams “Mommy that’s Gracies” or “That’s my’s!”

I was dressing Timmy in his room and he looks at the wall and yells, “Stop clocking!” 😳 I’m like Umm Timmy what are you talking about and to who lol. He explains to me that the walls sometimes make a ticking sound like a clock and he doesn’t like it. Alllllllrighty.

“Mommy I very want to go on a Disney cruise!!” I started to not like commercials. Every time he sees something he wants it. 

 Praying hands 😍

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