Sweet Memories

Our John Denver Christmas cd is on because that’s the tradition Tims parents had when he was a kid when they decorated the tree. Our kids are drinking hot chocolate piled high with marshmellows watching Daddy hang the lights on the tree. 💗 

 This is a funny sweet story… We had just picked up some drive thru McDonald’s and Sam and Logan were in the back seat. They ordered a #7 with a Dr Pepper. Fifteen minutes later Timmy was asking, “Aunt Sam how come you don’t feel so good?” And we’re all like Timmy Aunt Sam is fine. So he says, “Well how come she is needing Dr Pepper?” Precious. Tim explained it was like a Coke and he was like are you kidding?

This was our first year decorating outside. We laughed the whole time. Tim trying to figure out how to put together his parents ancient decorations took skill. But he did it and the kids love it.

Grace just spread out a blanket and she’s having a picnic with her babies. 

A mothers work is never done. Even in the middle of a play date she takes time to care for the children. 

And the way she eats pizza! It’s so gross. She only eats the tops and she starts in the middle. 


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