Baby moonish

Guess I never clicked publish on this one.

Well along with the rest of my life this blog has been neglected. I. Am. Tired. 
It is such a struggle to have this never ending to do list and zero energy to execute. Napping is a thing now. I literally cannot get through the day without my 2pm nap. Bless my sweet children who will lay next to me and watch a movie. They know the routine now. Most days I wake up and everything is fine and other times there are drawings of elephants in blue marker on my carpet or half chewed carrot sticks everywhere because well mom “we are rabbits now.” 

I’m just trying to survive. So when my husband suggested a short getaway I jumped on board. It is true that I spend every waking minute with my kids but it never can be enough. Except for those naps, but even then if you’re a mom you know you’re still mommin in your sleep. Anyways I was so excited to spend time with my family without that laundry pile staring at me screaming to be folded. 

The only problem with this trip was that it’s real purpose was business. I knew Tim would be working most of the time but the idea was to spend one day together at the pool. It never happened. The man worked sun up to even after the sun went down. The only “quality” time we got with daddy was for meals and even then the phone was ringing off the hook. 

It makes me so sad because of course I miss him. He works from home and he sleeps next to me every night but I feel like I haven’t seen him in weeks. The kids feel it too and it breaks my heart. The few precious moment they got from him they wanted nothing to do with me {🤗} Mommy couldn’t even unbuckle their car seats or hold their hands crossing the street. Sweet Gracie says, “But mommy I want Daddy to hold my hand because I love him.” 

But I guess the opposite of this would be he wasn’t working and we would be broke {more broke} and I’d be miserable about that too so I try not to complain to him.

Me and the kids did have an awesome time just us. I surprised them with a trip to Disney. Timmys all time favorite ride this year is Toy Story Mania. He’s only been on it once but he talks about it constantly. At 8 months pregnant I was scared to conquer Disney solo but we did it and it was a perfect day.

On the last day we had breakfast with pluto & goofy!

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