Sweet Memories

It was thundering so i made the kids come in. And Grace says mom i have a great idea. We can use a bear to scare away the storm, then we can go back outside.

Tim took the kids to the grocery store but first he went to the bank. Timmy asks why they have to always go to the bank so Tim explains that everything cost money. Timmy says dad youre so crazy because today mom got us cake pops and water from starbucks and she just have them a card not money.

Grace says shes gonna cut my baby out.

Grace telling the baby secrets.

Timmy’s first summer going to VBS. Hes just so precious. Everyday the teachers had a story to tell. One day he led his class in prayer. On the last day he volunteered to say the closing prayer. It was the sweetest thing ever!

Timmy’s first lizard catch!

Me and Grace were laying in my bed and she says mom the three of us are best friends because we are all girls. The baby, me and you mom. Lord help us if this baby is a boy. Lol

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