Homeschool Week 2

Hmm well we spent another Monday at a water park. I know it’s just so hard being a homeschool kid. Our coop group rented out the whole place for just our kids. It was so much fun.

That’s Timmy being the life guard. He was so proud of himself. Now he’s added life guard to his long list of what he wants to be when he grows up.

Monday was also Solar Eclipse day so we took a break from Our Body theme and learned about space. Even Grandpa got in on the fun. We learned that it takes the sun 25 days to fully rotate and the Earth just 1 day. Pretty amazing stuff. 

Grace was so ready for this special occasion. 

We read the final pages of our Peek Inside the Body book and then started on our blood lesson.

This was a very effective lesson. Red water beads for red blood cells, ping pong balls for white blood cells, red craft foam as platelets, water for plasma and ice for germs.

Grace did her math tracing #2 and a rectangle and Timmy did Lessons 2 & 3 in his Horizon workbook. Then we practiced Left from Right.

We did a water bead experiment using a timer to see how fast they grew.

On Tuesday we visited an assisted living facility where an animal rescue shared information on snakes, owls, opossums, alligators and turtles.

On Wednesday Timmy had his first marine biology coop at the turtle rescue. He learned all about sea turtles and was given a pretend turtle to measure and do an X-ray to find out what his injury was. Timmy’s had a shell scratch from a boat motor. Me and the girls explored the hospital while he was in class. Really such a great program!

When we got home we had a little art session on how to draw a turtle.

Our “PE” was a huge deal this week. Timmy learned to ride his bike without training wheels! 

On Thursday we went to storytime and checked out some more books. Lydia just loves being part of the big kids.

We had yet another water day because Florida is basically on fire. We have such an awesome group of homeschooling friends. About 30 of us showed up for a picnic lunch.

For this fun project I printed out body parts for the kids to cut and paste in the right places on their body tracings. I traced them on wrapping paper. They did an awesome job and they were really into it.

Our writing journals came in the mail so we started our bible verse copy work. I’m so excited about this.

We reviewed Timmy’s sight word flash cards and he knew 11 of them. Then he worked on spelling them with his letter blocks.

Gracie did her bible words letter match puzzles. 

This week was also their very first choir practice. 

We ended our Sunday with more bike riding and mouse trap.

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