Happy Lent!

I love this time of year. Really a good time to reflect on your walk with God. This Lenten season I’m focusing on being kinder with my words. Sometimes I can remember forever something someone has said to me. It’s strange how much impact words have on people. Like the other week another mom that I only met once before came up to me and said, “Wow you really look awesome today in that dress and your hair done!” She made my whole day. She probably doesn’t even know it. Anyway I want to be that for my husband and my family, even strangers.

We woke up early to get to the 8am Ash Wednesday mass. We thought we would try the early mass since Timmy really had a hard time at the 12:45 mass on Sunday. It wasn’t perfect but it was better. Weird because everyone kept coming up to us saying that they were so behaved meanwhile me and Tim were sweating trying keep them quiet. Timmy tries so hard but sitting still for an hour when you are two is hard work.

I am the absolute happiest looking at my family sitting in church. Hearing Tim whisper prayers in Timmy’s ear or Timmy singing along to a hymn or Grace letting out a little giggle when the church gets very quiet, truly makes me feel so blessed.

I couldn’t love Tim any more than when that man is kneeling down talking to God. It makes me so proud to be his wife. He is taking his relationship with God so seriously. Last month he joined the Knights of Columbus and this weekend he’s volunteering to work the church carnival. I don’t know if he knows it, but he is scoring major points over here. 😍

This is a picture of the kids before church & also Gracie’s 7 month picture.


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