So you want money for your birthday..

Yesterday we celebrated my little sisters 14th birthday. She’s at that age where money is all she wants. I hate giving money as a gift, it feels so thoughtless.

So we searched Pinterest for money giving ideas and it turned out great. Sam was so surprised. I’m pretty sure she thinks we are retarded but deep down she thinks we are awesome, I hope.

Jess and Matt gave her “cold hard cash” so money frozen in ice. Erica and John put money in the candy wrapper sections of a box of chocolates. We gave her “play doh” and just stuck cash in a play doh container. Toria taped together a bunch of ones and put it in a tissue box and wrote on it “don’t blow it all at once.” Thomas made her a balloon hat and she wore it for hours not realizing money was all inside the balloon.

It was so fun!




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