Weekend Update

This weekend was full with church activities. On Saturday Tim worked “security” at the church carnival. Kinda silly to think they need security at a church carnival but would you believe that he caught a woman asking another mom to slip their ride bracelets off so she didn’t have to buy one? So tacky to steal at a church function but my husband is such a softy he couldn’t turn her in. Maybe she didn’t have the money for ride tickets but my church gives tickets to people who can’t afford them so it’s just no excuse.

On Sunday I had to be at church down south to be Erica’s sponsor at 8:30 & it was daylight savings. It was verrry hard to get out of bed. Then there was the Rite of Election mass at 2:00. Grace was such an angel the whole day. Which is very surprising because her first tooth popped through this morning!!

Tim and Timmy spent the day together going to church and to the carnival. I was super impressed that Tim took Timmy to church alone. I love him just a little bit more if that’s possible for being such a good example to Timmy. Timmy loved the carnival and Tim let him ride the rides alone. I can’t believe his big enough for that!



Good thing this guy was there to keep the streets clean đź‘®


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