Mother’s Day

Today can either be great or terrible. Sometimes we fill our heads with all the expectations of what the perfect Mother’s Day looks like. I know that I dream of a Mother’s Day of sleeping in, no diaper changes, no cleaning or cooking but it’s all those things that make me a mother.

I’m blessed to be woken up by this little girl 3 times a night like clock work, to cook, to clean and yes even to clean those cute little booties. That Mother’s Day of being catered to will come soon enough and as relaxing as it will be, it will also mean that my babies are grown.

I had a beautiful day. I got to shower alone and do my hair. Tim served me breakfast {somewhat burnt} and I love him for it. My only Mother’s Day wish was to make it to church. With two kids it is very difficult to get there every Sunday and honestly it gives me and Tim both a little anxiety because we know it will be a struggle to keep the kids quiet. Timmy was surprisingly well behaved for the most part, kneeling and folding his hands like a little gentleman and blowing kisses to other parishioners.

Then the whole family came over after for dinner. It’s so great having everyone together and seeing the kids play.

I can’t help but think about the boy with the red hair. Ryan. I can’t begin to grasp the reality that his mommy is dealing with this Mother’s Day and every day for that matter. I’ve prayed for her every night since I heard about the loss of this sweet, beautiful baby.

The day I read his story I did nothing but squeeze my kids extra tight and take picture after picture of them.















Photo Overload 😊

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