Multi-tasking & this iPhone ugh

I used to pride myself on my multi-tasking skills now I’m starting to think it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It used to feel so great to get so much done at once but now I’m just left feeling like I missed out on important things by the distraction of getting more done, faster. I’m guilty of mixing my kids into my multi-tasking and it makes me so sad.

I can play trains, drink coffee, text my friends and keep an eye on Gracie all at once but am I doing any of those things well?
Not at all.

Most importantly I want my kids to feel they have my complete attention. I really want to savor those sips of coffee not chug it. I crave some real quality time with friends IN PERSON not just through texting or facebook. And if you know me safety is top priority but really how safe is Grace if I’m watching her and doing all these other things at the same time.

I want to watch TV with my husband without playing a game on my phone or better yet just sit with him and talk, no TV. Yesterday the cable box was out and we just sat at the kitchen table talking, it was so refreshing.

I want to nurse my baby girl and just stare at her instead of checking in with the Facebook world because these nursing days will be ending soon.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sitting on my sisters couch and I look around and we are all staring at our iPhone screens and no joke at the same time we are talking about how we want to spend less time on our phones.

It’s unbelievable how hard it is for me to disconnect from my electronics even though at the end of the day I really feel like it causes me the most frustration and takes so much of me away from my kids. Like do I really need to know what my high school friends kids did at school today?

So I want to try doing one thing at a time and giving it 100%. And I really want to smash this phone to pieces so I can stop and look people in the eye and really enjoy my time with the people in front of me instead of the texts and status updates of the people in this phone.

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