Boys & Mud

Look mommy I peepee like the doggies!


Classic boy memories. Awesome.

Our water bill is through the roof. I’m guessing it’s due to Timmy’s new mud puddle obsession. Shh don’t tell Daddy we let the water run 🙊




It’s always nice when I can have Cade over this way Timmy can have some real rough boy play. They had so much fun today outside. Even more fun was Mommy and Aunt Dawn got to somewhat relax and have adult conversations. You know you talk to toddlers all day when you say “beep beep” rather than “excuse me.” A glass of wine {or two!} and girl talk is like a mini vacation for me. I love it.





Grace was a little angel today. She napped while the boys played in the pool and then she just chilled with the girls.


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