Sweet Memories

My kids are so sweet. {they can also be monsters but mostly sweet ☺️}

Timmy is on the floor with his toy camera making kissing sounds trying to get the dogs attention so he can take their pictures.

We told him this weekend that Madison is his dog now and that he’s old enough to start feeding her and letting her out. He took it very serious.


Now I used to be a “dog” person. Not so much these days since they’ve decided that they are going to EAT the house. This is Grace hanging out with Madison in the homemade doggie door she made for herself…


We were outside and right now we only have one bike. We are hoping that Santa Clause will bring Timmy a big boy bike and then Grace can get Timmy’s tricycle {the price you gotta pay for being the second child} So for now they have to share and I was pleasantly surprised when I turned around to see this brilliant idea:




Whenever anyone gets hurt Timmy runs over to kiss it better. This is kind of random but only because he just did it to me. Then he gives you a big smile and says, “All better?”

These two are really getting so close. They fight a lot yes but they are best friends. Always looking for the other if one left the room. Always kissing and hugging. It’s so awesome.


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