Homeschool: Review Week

This week because we loved all the gardening activities I extended the theme into 2 weeks. I also used this week as a review to see if what we were doing was working. Boy was I surprised! Timmy is a little smarty pants.

My favorite part of the week was when Timmy would randomly bring me and say, “Look mommy an X!” I was so impressed. All week if something resembled an X he was pointing it out. We practiced writing both X and G on the whiteboard and Timmy does really good with sounding out G.

We did our square treasure hunt. Then we reviewed all the shapes. He knows square, rectangles, circle, oval, triangle, heart and star, sometimes diamond. Of the shapes with lots of sides he calls them all octagons.

We did a flower craft and talked about all the parts of a flower and what they need to grow. I showed him how to put the parts of the flowers picture together and then scrambled all the pieces and I think he did an awesome job putting it back together.


Our plant update:



We started reading Genesis and we made these two projects for Day 1 and 2. I like projects like this where there’s minimal parent involvement because it’s fun to see what he comes up with.



Sign Language is going so well. He is starting to use it during the day. He asked me if we were going to see friends at the same time making the sign for friends.

Sweet Grace tries to join in on all the learning. She loves to color {crayons are yummy she says} and she is a singing machine. She tries and almost does all the hand motions for Itsy Bitsy spider and where is thumbkin. She can point to her nose and eyes when you ask. She’s definitely watching Timmy closely.



For our Field Trip we went to the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. They had a Storytime and brought out a baby alligator and possum for the kids to pet. Then we walked around and saw panthers, bears, bobcats, turkeys, owls, snakes and we fed the turtles.








Next week is APPLES! I don’t know why I’m so excited about that. I’m even having and Johnny Appleseed Party at my house.

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