The Diaper Bag

Today my sweet friend looked at me as we both walked out of the library and said, “Where is your diaper bag?”

She had a fully packed and organized diaper bag. I also had a very nice little bag but I left it in the car.

My bag is somewhat see through, which makes it super easy to find things. It has no pockets or secret zippers but I don’t have a need for all that fanciness.

I breastfeed so there are no bottles or formula to pack. I also don’t bring snacks and drinks everywhere I go and yes my kids are sometimes thirsty and so we find the nearest water fountain. They survive. Mean mom I know.

When I go to a friends house I bring even LESS in my diaper bag, because sister if you can’t use your friend’s wipes that chick is NOT your friend.

My bag is recyclable, is yours? Yup when I’m done with my bag I toss it right in the recycle bin. You also can get them at just about any store and they are FREE! Nothing is free these days but this diaper bag sure is.

Now don’t get me wrong, some of those more traditional diaper bags are awesome and so cute. I had one once, when I was a new mom. But now if I had to worry about packing and restocking that huge bag everytime I left the house I would go nuts. It just adds another step to my get out of the house on time routine. As it is we take about 20 minutes from front door to pulling out of the drive way.

My diaper bag in all it’s glory…


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