Georgia Trip

My good friend Dawn invited us to visit her parents Georgia house and I of course said yes! Who doesn’t love a semi free vacation. Tim couldn’t come so I brought Sam to help with the kids. And that she did! She was so much help probably more help then Tim would have been 🙊

The drive was great except for when I turned around and Timmy was out of his car seat!! Apparently he can unbuckle himself now. He won’t be doing that again tho. I pulled that car right over and had a little chat with him. Other than that it was a very smooth 6 hour drive.

The kids were in heaven there. They had complete free range of the house and the outdoors. Dawns parents are the best. Treated me like their daughter and totally loved on my kids.

We spent most days just exploring nature, fishing, and swimming. Timmy and Cade are for sure best friends.  


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