Teddy Bear Clinic

We got an invitation in the mail for a Teddy Bear Clinic to celebrate the grand opening of a new hospital. I thought it was a great chance to help Timmy get over his fear of hospitals so we went.

Seriously best thing ever. All hospitals do it so definitely check it out. First the whole thing is free so right off the bat awesome in my book. But they went over and beyond. Each kid got a new teddy bear and a teddy bear back pack. Then they toured the hospital and in each room they would doctor on the teddy bear showing them things like how to use a breathing mask, give shots, take an X-ray and put on a cast. It was so neat.

Outside they had fire truck and ambulance tours, a bounce house and dancing. Free water, face painting an snacks! 

One of the nurses got a little surprised because Timmy went to kiss him and said kiss was on the nurse butt šŸ™ˆ Everyone laughed. 


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