Kansas Trip

“Mommy why are we still in Arkansauce?” And no that’s not a typo 😂 Timmy talk on the road. 

When I was kid we spent Thanksgiving with my Dads family in Kansas and when I got older I would go for a couple weeks in the summers. Now that my cousins and me all have kids I really want them to be close like we were. So I packed up the car and made the loooooong trip. Tim couldn’t take that much time off work so I took my Dad with me. We had an amazing time.

We stayed at my Grandmas. She’s 85 but you wouldn’t know it. Her house looks and smells exactly the same way it did when I was a kid. Definitely has that possible haunted feeling. It’s a little bit too much one with the bugs, as in a spider crawled out of my bed! But none the less being able to bring my kids back to the exact same place where I made my own memories as a kid was all worth it.

Going to Kansas is like stepping back in time. The kids have free range. They run wild. It’s a very nice change. This was my view from my grandmas bedroom. 

 Thats my kind of beautiful. I could sit and stare for hours. 

The kids were AMAZING in the car. They trashed it but they didn’t cry at all. They were even surprisingly behaved at the hotel. I’ll admit I was terrified driving those 19 hours without Tim but I must have the best kids because it was a piece of cake. We listened to Frozen on tape 3467895 times so I’m fluent in all things Elsa. They read books and ate a good amount of Shark gummies.  
 This is a classic Kansas pucture. Grandma has had this windmill forrrrrver.  
This is my Dad in his old bedroom. Did I mention she’s lived her forever, forever.

Grace fell in love with this doll that belonged to My great grandma.  

We went on our first four wheeler ride and got a little muddy. I love these tiny muddy toes.  

Wind in their faces 😍

Timmy was definitely in his element here.

SOO many memories at this piano.  

Me and my sisters loved this merry go round when we were kids. It’s still there lol

This is grandma “rocking” Grace but really patting her but and telling her to hush lol it worked.

These girls were my little mommies for the week.  

These two are definitely related.
Timmy always with the dogs just like his father.  

First lightening bugs.
They love Aunt Corrie.  

Boat Trip!  
Grace really loved Aunt Kylie.  

Visiting Great Grandpa Leslie’s memorial.  

Our old stomping ground 😂

First tropical sno
Fourth of July  

Kiddie Land!

Early birthday present from Aunt Corrie!

Serious Fishing! These catfish were insane. 

So peaceful  
Timmy thought for sure they were sharks.

Gracie’s very first fish!


Timmy caught 4! 

Big Brutus. A very big coal steam engine. My Dad was set on seeing this and it was actually pretty cool. Timmy of course loved it.


Corn as far as the can see. 
I am so happy I got to meet all these little ones. My kids were so happy. Still talking about there cousins and I hope we get to make this a yearly tradition.  
Love this photo.    

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