Aunt Grace

I call her Aunt but we are not actually related. My grandma had us calling all her friends Aunt & Uncle growing up. This one was special tho. I just loved her. She was so kind and gentle; Always helping out my mom with us kids. 

One memory that really stuck with me was her helping me write Santa letters around Christmas time sitting in my moms kitchen. She’s the kind of woman that when you come over she’s putting out a spread for Kings and Queens. 

I named my little Grace after her and since we would be passing by her house when we went to Kansas we stopped in so that she could meet Grace. It was so special.

First thing Timmy noticed was a huge canister of lollypops that she put together for him. And for Grace she had a little box. Inside was her confirmation cross. She had passed it to her daughter for her confirmation but since she didn’t have any children, as a family, they decided to pass it down to Grace. Instant tears. 


Update* I am heartbroken to share that Aunt Grace passed away 4 weeks after we visited her. What a blessing that we were able to see her when she was feeling well and that I have these precious photos now to one day show my children. 

I got this text from her daughter and I want to keep it with this post so that when Grace gets older she can understand how much Aunt Grace adored her. 


May God rest her soul and bring her right home to Uncle Bill. Something tells me she had quite the welcoming. 


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