Tea for Two

My little girl is almost two. Two. It’s unbelievable. I miss babies but this age is so fun! Gracie’s birthday has turned into a birthday month really. We are going to be in NY on her actual birthday so I wanted to do something small at home to celebrate. 

My best friend and I have little girls 3 months apart so I thought how fun to celebrate them turning two with just the two of them. 

We gathered all the supplies for the perfect tea party. We had crowns, tutus, jewelry and the sweetest girliest tea set from my grandma.

I have to give credit to my friend for a picture perfect black board. It was absolutely precious watching them sip tea and clink their little cups. We were dying and snapping away.  

Then they went for a little swim and we all shared some virgin margaritas. 

We’ve been friends since the fifth grade. Almost 20 years! Crazy that we are living these extremely blessed lives, full of all the little girl dreams we had. We were just talking today about how we really have to be thankful that what we have is what we always prayed for.


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