New York City Trip

We are at it again, road trip round 3! This time only 16.5 hours. And while that’s shorter than the 19 hour trip to Kansas, this time Daddy is coming… which ultimately means add some {a lot} of extra time. I love that man but timely anything is not him. 

I was so proud that we were actually on the road by 5am! Major victory in my book as far as my husband goes. Traveling is hard for us because I’m a very organized on time list crazy kind of gal. Tim is more of a lets stop at every rest area and get a cold drink even though the car is packed with water and soda. Anyway that’s not the point. The point is we get half way here and a car goes by with shirts hanging in the window and Tim gasps. He proceeds to tell me he forgot ALL his shirts. Really!? He only had to pack for himself. I’m thinking there was a method to his madness because we spent a good amount of time updating his wardrobe when we got to the city.

The trip really isn’t about family vacation. It’s a business trip turned mini vacay. I have lots of family on the island and Tim has a client in Newark so while he’s working I’m going to visit family. 

We did come up a few days early to go to the city. And it was amazing!

We bought tickets for One World Trade. The memorial museum is right there but we opted to skip it since we lived it and thought it would make more sense to do that when the kids are old enough to learn about it. Plus I really didn’t want to be sad. 

One World Trade is beautiful, something you have to see for yourself. The elevator takes you to the 102nd floor in less than 60 seconds traveling 27 miles per hour. It’s crazy. The inside walls of the elevator tell the story of how NYC was built from the very beginning to now in like a virtual tour. So cool. Then you get to see all the breathtaking views. 

Timmy really enjoyed this part. Grace was not interested at all and slept the whole time.

Timmy on top of the world! 

He was quick to break out his binoculars. 

My husband loves it here. He is in his element. He used to work in the towers in his earlier career days so this place is close to his heart. 

This picture sums up the beauty to me. The building looks like it goes straight to heaven.  

There are no words to describe the memorial pools.  

I don’t know if it’s on purpose but probably it is. The material they used to inscribe the names of the people lost reflects the sky so that it looks like the names are written in heaven when you take a photo. 

I looked up the names of the people in this picture because I felt the need to.

Kathy N. Mazza was a port authority police officer, the first female pa officer for both NJ & NY. Survivors said she used her 9mm to shoot out glass walls so that they could escape. She was in the stairwell when the building collapsed.

Walwyn Stuart Jr. was also port authority police because he thought it was a safer job than his previous undercover narcotics division. He changed jobs when his baby girl was born. When his wife called his office that day the secretary said he was safe and that he was helping with the evacuation. He was never seen again. His daughter turned one on September 28th.

Antonio Jose Rodrigues was port authority police for Time Square but was sent to World Trade to help. He went down to the basement level to get oxygen tanks when the towers fell. He had a 7 and 4 year old. His wife said this in her story.. they had big dreams for the future and now she doesn’t dream big anymore. She is grateful for simpler things like her kids walking through the front door safe after school. 


Then we visited Saint Peters and Saint Patrick’s Cathedrals. So incredibly beautiful. Something I’ve always wanted to see.  

After we had lunch and then headed to the American Girl Store!! The final piece to Gracie’s birthday. Her gift from us was a Bitty Baby. She was instantly in love! I could have bought the whole store. 

We really had an awesome day. Only mistake was wearing new shoes and not knowing where handicap subway entrances were. Carrying a double stroller up stairs at 5pm against the rush of angry people = not fun.

We were also excited to take Timmy on a real train. He’s always wanted to go on one. He was so happy. 

Anytime my whole family can spend time together is so great. Tim works so much I miss him. 


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