Long Island Trip

While Daddy works in Jersey we are spending time with family on Long Island. We are staying with my cousin and her 4 kids. I knew she was a little nervous about entertaining us for a week but little did she know all we needed was a couch and coffee. My kids and her kids were in heaven playing with each other. I rarely heard from my kids the entire trip. The played hard and slept soundly. Even their enormous dog was in the mix. 

The first day I drove by my childhood house. Isn’t it cute?

Then I drove by my grandmas old house and took the kids to the park we use to play at and lucky them the ice cream man stopped by. I don’t know why we don’t have ice cream trucks by us. 


These powerwheels were a huge hit. The boys for sure think they are race car drivers. 



One day we took them to Adventureland. Best place ever if you’re a kid. I went every summer when I lived there.   

I even took them on the haunted house and they weren’t scared. 

Timmys first big boy water ride!  
Later we visited my great Aunt Lorraine & Grandpa Uncle Mike {Timmy added the Grandpa part lol}. Nicest people ever. The kids swam, we barbecued and then played with their pet lizard. Grace was in love, Timmy not so much. 

The next day we had a graduation party for my cousin Caroline. I was the only one there with kids. I had that feeling of being on display and of course my kids were not the best behaved. Timmy was running up and down the stairs and around the house, around the tent. He was a boy on a mission. I was a nervous wreck.  

The rest of the trip we just hung out. My favorite thing is just watching my kids have fun so I was so happy to sit back, relax and take in the view.

Grace giving Gabby a massage.   
Boys teaching Timmy about video games 😁

Uncle Chris taking Timmy in his monster truck.   
Watching puppies play. 

We took a drive to Port Jeff and got ice cream and the kids played on the shore. 

 Timmy was obsessed with Christopher. 

 & Uncle Chris! 

Target & Starbucks. Where moms find peace.  

 We took our kids to visit our Great Grandmas grave. Each kid gave her their favorite color butterfly. And then we got hit with the most powerful sprinkler ever created. Apparently it was watering day. Me and Keri were convinced that was Nanny telling us to bathe our children because honestly there was not a lot of that happening since they were playing so much and passing out every day.   

We are going to miss them soooo much!!!!               

“Mommy why are we driving backwards?” That’s just how they do it in Jersey Timmy… The trip back to New Jersey was the most miserable thing ever! It took 7.5 hours to drive 8 miles! That’s not a typo. 8 MILES. After that I am not ready to hit the road again to go back home.

We were about an hour from home and we were feeling a little delirious. Tim turned up the 80’s music and we all started jamming out like Rock stars. In the middle of it all something told me to remember this moment. 

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