Sweet Memories

We have a new favorite song in this house. It’s BINGO but probably not the lyrics you are used too… “Old McDonald had a farm and Mingo was his Mango, B I N G O, B I N G O!” Makes me laugh every time. And they sing it loud.

Hearing this. “Come on Grace you want to go play?” “Yea!!” These two play so beautifully. 

Lite Brite is a big deal over here lately. Even Madison wants to play. 

This was Grace today. That’s my shirt she is wearing. I found her pulling things down in my closet. And that’s a baby doll pacifier. Only thing missing is her new pink boots that according to Grace go with everything. 


Timmy has decided he’s too big for baths. He told me today that he is an adult and adults don’t take baths. He also says he doesn’t want to use soap because he likes the stink on him. So I had to “buy” special stinky soap for him.

I love when we are driving and Timmy randomly points out a cloud that looks like a helicopter or a pancake.

So this is the conversation between Timmy and Grace: I’m going to spank just your bottom! No I’m gonna spank your bottom! No! Yes! No! Apparently we are pro spanking.

And this.. I’m a dinosaur. No Grace you’re a princess! Oh yea I am a princess!

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