Last Day of Summer Fun

Hmmm I wish it was the last day of summer. I’m so ready for chilly weather and pumpkin everything. In Florida summer doesn’t end until mid January 😳 so we just crank that ac down, light a pumpkin candle and pretend. 

So yeah I really did light that candle this morning lol but yesterday was a gorgeous summer day. It had a kind of twisted ending but none the less awesome summer fun.

Our neighbors invited us for jetskiing so we jumped on the chance. Tim loves water sports. That was kinda his thing back in his younger days. Water skiing is his favorite. Weird thing is he’s not at all a beach guy, hates it. Basically if you give him anything with speed he’s in. Ever since I had kids, I’m more like slower the better 👍.

The kids had a blast. We had the perfect set up too and there really wasn’t anyone else around. It felt like we were on an island vacation. 

 I am obsessed with Janie and Jack bathing suits. Luckily so is Gracies godmother because otherwise Walmart suits would be more our style. Seriously this flamingo one is adorable!
   I screamed the whole time.  
  Timmy wants one now of course. You can tell by that smile he was in heaven.  
 Grace is a beach babe. She has no fear of the water. I sounded like a psycho trying to reel her back in but she could care less. See you later mom. I’m really trying to work on not passing my fears on to my children butttt I’m not doing a great job lol. The ocean freaks me. So beautiful and so dangerous.   
  I love this daddy daughter moment.  
  Daddy took them tubing. That’s more my speed. 

Such an awesome end to our summer days. 

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