New Homeschool Year: Letter A

I’m so excited to be back at homeschooling. There’s something about fresh school supplies that make me happy. And my new favorite thing: laminating! Makes everything so official looking.

We are using Letter of the Week from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I adore her, especially her Homeschooling 101 book. 

This is her website. I don’t write this blog for an audience but I want to make sure I give credit where it is due.

We started each day with the Pledge of Alliegence. And it was so precious. We took turns each day on who would have the job of holding the flag and hearing them mispronounce all the new words of the pledge was so cute. 

  Grace is going thru a phase and wants to wear Timmy’s clothes. I’m not thrilled about it but I have to pick my battles. 
Next we did our bible verse, calendar and weather. 

  Timmy took this last picture himself. He really loves the camera. Says his little guy is only wearing sunscreen πŸ˜‚. 

Gracie joined in when she wanted. She wants to be big so I just let her choose what she wants to be a part of. We colored a Letter A page. Timmy is very serious about staying in the lines and Grace not so much.

They love Playdoh. I gave them a Letter A stamp, cookie cutters and a plastic knife. Easily their favorite thing, if only it wasn’t so messy. I bought this playdoh at Dollar Tree, $1 for a 4 pack and it’s very comparable to the name brand and much easier to throw away when it gets gross πŸ˜‰.


I wrote all the letters on a white board and he had to match the magnetic letter to it and then put it in the leap frog to hear it’s sound. This was a big hit.  
I used a car window marker and wrote the letter A on my sliders. Then gave them a water spray bottle and paper towel and told them to clean up. They love cleaning.   
 We practiced cutting. I was so surprised how well they both did. I forgot to get Timmy left handed scissors but these still worked.  
 I’m probably just gonna keep repeating myself about how great they are at everything. Lol. But really they were so good at lacing cards.  
We did an apple shape matching puzzle.


And a color matching one. These are too easy for Timmy but perfect for Grace. 

Making block letters they liked. I found these color cubes in the dollar section at Target.


I love that he always has his tongue out when he’s concentrating, just like his mama.


 This was serious work and a little hard for him. He had to match the lower case and upper case. He was so proud when he was done.

 He was really proud of this sorting puzzle even tho it was all wrong πŸ˜‚.

 Mommy helped.

 With this they had to poke a toothpick through the letter outline. They both did it by themselves. Again mama was amazed.

 This week we read Ten Apples Up on Top because it worked perfect with our Apple theme. They had so much fun trying to act out the book. I plan on starting Before Five in a Row in January as a literature supplement for Grace once I get a good groove with Letter of the Week curriculum.


For this activity Timmy had to count the seeds on the apple and glue on the correct number.

Here he had to cut out the apples and paste them on the apple tree. Honestly I didn’t think he could do this and he DID! I forget that he’s getting so big 😒.

Looks perfect to me!

  Uh this face 😍 it’s so great when he gets so excited to figure out something new.  
Some pre-writing work.

 & perfect do-a-dot.


I think the week went pretty well. We did take Thursday off to spend with Max. The highlight for me was when I showed them the Letter A flash card and Grace yelled out A!!! We also learned number 1 and circle. 

I did have a small set back. On the first day when I told them it was time for school and we sat down at the table Timmy asked why he wasn’t at a red school and where were all his friends. My heart broke a little. However even if our intentions weren’t to homeschool he would not yet be in preschool. So I’m glad I’m starting early so that this will be normal for him once kindergarten starts in 2 years.

Homeschool is on my heart but I realize that maybe it won’t be what’s best for my kids. I do pray hard that it is. Here’s an example why. Tonight we had some friends over. Timmy wanted the ring on Mr. Chris’ hand and I said you will get one when you get married. Timmy was like what!! and looking at me all crazy. And then said, “Can I marry Jesus and get a ring?” Melt. This is our top reason for wanting to homeschool. I want to do my best keep that little boys love for Jesus alive. It is a blessing that we can start our school day with the Bible. 

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