Sweet Sundays

Yesterday my family was asked to bring up the bread and wine during mass. And they wanted Timmy to hold the bread… I was sooo nervous that he would drop it. But he didn’t. I nearly cried. How beautiful it is to walk with my husband, Grace by our side and Timmy in front of us holding the Bread of Life. 

I am so happy we have found this church family. Everyone there adores my children. People we don’t even know come up to me to tell me how Grace or Timmy made their day. I’m referred to as the mom of the curly haired blonde boy. 

I’m sure Tim wouldn’t appreciate this but after communion, when we go back to our seats to pray… I don’t. I just stare at my man, kneeled down, hands folded, eyes shut. I wish I could take a picture. Watching him speak to God is for sure the most beautiful thing. 

This Sunday happened to be Moms Only Beach Day! So after church all my girlfriends loaded up and headed to the water. How blessed we are that our husbands understand the need for us to have this down time. Not one complaint from any of the men. 

It was a beautiful day, start to finish. 


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