Homeschool Letter E

This week is all about Letter E, Elephants, Number 2 and Triangles. 

I see some improvement in the pronunciation of the Pledge. Timmy was able to start saying some of it by himself. Timmy knows all his months and days of the week and Grace has most of her days of the week down.

This week instead of using the kitchen table I’m trying to see if they focus better using their kid desks. They are very interested in what the other one is doing and it can be distracting.

Our circle routine takes up much of the morning with the calendar, weather, songs and then Timmys notebook pages.

We read We are in a Book because the main character is an elephant so it was fitting. Such a funny book too.

We did the block lettering with our color cubes. 

They each made memory bracelets. It has the number 2, letter E and a triangle on it. I think that’s a cute idea.

We played with Legos and measured how high we could build it. 

And right now they are making mud pies and I’m babysitting.  


Tuesday we laced, traced and bingo dotted Letter E. 

We did some more castle building. 

Timmy has really come a long way with cutting.  

Gracie was very proud of her color matching puzzle skills. 

Timmy asked to do bug counting. I bought two big dice and lots of plastic bugs. They roll the die and tell me how many bugs they get and then we count them all up to see who got the most. They love it. Grace really loves it as is seen in her frog kissing picture.  
Right now they are outside playing pretend chef I think. Timmy has an apron on and says, “Grace would you like to join me in the kitchen?” 


Later we watched some YouTube videos on elephants. Then we did some ABC mouse work. I’m struggling with technology use. Just one day of working it into our homeschool and he is begging for it everyday. It’s very frustrating. I’m keeping it at once a week until I see better behavior when I put it away. It definitely has its positives because we got watch elephants play at the San Diego zoo. Something we will never be able to do in person.

 On Wednesday we cut and pasted an elephant together. And Grace colored my very sad attempt at an elephant  

Timmy seperated upper case E’s onto a mama elephant and the lower case E’s onto a baby elephant. He did this all by himself. We did the letter paper poking. We also did prewriting sheets.

This activity I was excited about. Both kids liked it. 

Patterns are something new to Timmy so I helped.

They love these little plastic bugs. So here I had them place the right amount of bugs on each number page. 


On Thirsday we started by washing our babies like elephants do. Such an easy fun activity. Straws, a bowl of water and a plastic animal.  

Grace thinks those dots are for coloring but check her perfect pencil grip!

We laced our elephants.  

We used cheerios to graph the elephants in each box. Grace mostly just ate hers.

We mixed black and white to make grey for our elephant craft.

Then they put on one of Daddy’s long socks and pretended to be elephants. I challenged them to clean the playroom with their elephant trunks but the room looks messier now.


 And we had some music time. Now they are in the tub playing with foam letters. Alphabet overload over here.

This week was so successful. Everyday they were asking for more school. I was so thrilled. We finished all of our school work by Thursday. So Friday has so far been all pretend play. My house is a total mess but it’s worth all the small conversation I get to listen to. My favorite part of the week was both my kids snuggled next to me while I read to them Charlotte’s Web. 

Our curriculum is from:

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