Sweet Memories

G-da is visiting for the week and he was sitting next to us while we read Charlotte’s Web. Typical G-da says, “Timmy do you know what manure is?” He so confidently says, “Yes it’s a vacuum.” And my Dad is like no buddy it’s poop. Timmy thought he was CRAZY!

Timmy and Grace are sleeping in the same room these days. Bedtime is glorious. At 6:50 we start our routine of teeth, stories and prayers. By 7:15 this house is silent. Sun still out. Tonight Timmy wanted to sleep on Gracie’s mattress. That’s a no no for us especially since he just started not wearing pull ups to bed {🎉🎉}. Anywayssss the sweet part is that Grace says to him, “Look Timmy I’m gonna sleep right on the edge.” So seperate mattresses, still close. 

The love they have for each other is so beautiful.

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