Homeschool Letter I

This week is Letter I for inchworm. After circle time we got right to our theme mostly because I was so excited to show them gummy worms!

We used the worms to make the Letter I and then Timmy used measuring tape to see how long they were. 

 Sidenote: Gummy worms are not great for little ones to eat whole, learned that the hard way. Poor Grace choked on hers so we turned hers into mini inchworms.

Next we did some alphabet review games. I wrote all the letters on rocks. No matter where my kids go I will be sure to find rocks in their pockets so I knew this would be a hit. Anyways so they had to match the letter rock to the flash card and whoever got it right could put the rock in their dump truck.  

Then they had to match foam uppercase letters to their lowercase clothes pin. This was harder especially with letters who’s lowercase looks so different. It was still good for Grace’s fine motor skills even though she wasn’t matching the right letters.

Now Grace is begging for some Charlottes Web. This makes me so happy. 


On Tuesday we had a lot of fun. My most proud moment has to be that Timmy is almost saying the entire Pledge on his own. Luckily I got it on video! 

 We made the Letter I with playdoh and measured playdoh inchworms.  

I made the Letter I with painters tape and had them trace it with their cars.  

We reviewed our letters we’ve learned so far A, E and I by doing a letter search. They had fun with this.  

We did an apple craft because they ate apples for snack and were dead set on doing something with the seeds. I just quickly cut up some construction paper ta da Apple craft.

The most fun of all was playing grocery store. I remember loving this as a kid too. I found a fake money kit at Dollar Tree and then I set up my grocery store with all their kitchen food.  

Then a monkey got involved and it was a very hungry monkey. Timmy was trying to make him a special smoothie but he wasn’t fast enough 😂 

On Wednesday we went to a princess tea party. The city puts it on with cupcakes and a real princess, this time Tinkerbell. Timmy was in love. 


Grace dressed up as Minnie Mouse but ultimately ended up in a cape and some heels.


Thursday has been our longest school day yet. Everytime we finish something they are asking for more school.

We did out letter I do-a-dot and poking worksheet. It’s interesting to see the difference in their work.  


They colored and inch worm sheet and Timmy wrote out his numbers.  

They played some more with the left over gummy worms. We played outside with the spray bottles and window letters. 

They love board games. So far today we’ve played perfection and hi ho cherrio.
We did a hungry caterpillar puzzle, measured it because we have to measured everything these days and then we read the book. 


On Friday Daddy joined us for circle time. Then we made our memory bracelets, traced the letter I and sorted upper case I from the lowercase i.  

 Then Timmy worked on his pattern worksheet while Grace sorted inchworms by size. 

Then we had leaves bitten by little inch worms and we had to match the number of holes with the right number inch worm. 

We had a straw kit from Dollar Tree I let them put together at snack time. Very cool for $1 project.  


Grace always with a baby. And always thinking outside the box.

Now we are painting egg carton inch worms. If the had to choose crayons, markers or paint hands down paint wins every time.   

 Timmy painting with his mouth..interesting. 
Another happy homeschool week. This week I read an article about how wealthy families in Boston and NYC are homeschooling now. One of the girls the story was about just got into Harvard! It’s so awesome how even Top 10 schools are accepting homeschooled applicants. It excites me!

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