Sweet memories

Listening to Timmy read pete the cat to Grace when they wake up in the morning before they even come wake us up.

Tim Heard Timmy saying sit sit sit no that’s bad siiiit! and he walks around the corner and he is talking to a fly.

Then I heard him saying okey-dokey artichokie and I look at him and he is talking to a beetle. I don’t even know where he learned that phrase.

His new word is embarrassing and I’m not sure if he knows what it means totally. Last night he couldn’t turn off his toothbrush so I turned it off for him and he says oh now that’s  embarrassing. And Grace just peed on the floor and he comes over and says oh wow that’s embarrassing. 

All morning he’s been begging me to go outside and splash in mud puddles but I’m just not up for that mess.

Grace is too sweet. In the mornings she squeezes my face and says, “I’m your best friend mom.” True statement.

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