Homeschool Letter O

My phone went for a swim courtesy of Miss Grace so I’m alittle behind.

I have hardly any pictures because they are gone with the phone.

Big news.. Grace is reciting parts of the pledge. She says the word America like a hard core redneck. “Amurrrica!”

Letter O is an easy letter to learn to write because well it’s a circle, so check on the handwriting portion.

We did Octopus theme. We made octopus puppets out of brown paper bags and octopus out of paper plates. We used pipe cleaners and macaroni for tentacles.  

After we watched videos on the octopus. One ate a shark! 

It rained here so we caught some pretend octopus of our own. 

We counted lots of Cheerios and ate some.

We constructed our own Chicka Chicka Boom tree out of old cardboard boxes. I cut, the kids painted and they are oh so proud! At the end of the week we are going to be adding our new letters. 


I hate that I wasn’t able to write about this week as I went because now I’ve forgotten about all that we did.

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