Homeschool Letter U

Uu! The last vowel! And then we are on to Letter P for Pumpkin!!! But let me not get ahead of myself.

I need to work on my circle time, add some new songs. Right now it’s pretty basic: pledge, calendar, weather and Chicka Chicka boom boom and then I introduce the new letter we are working on. We sing the days of the week and months but I need something new.

Bible study is also lacking. It’s definitely time for a restart in that department. We have our weekly verse but that’s it. Last year I was way more on top of that. I’ve been so focused on my own relationship with God that I’ve forgotten that the kids need it too.

Monday was all fun. We did or letter blocks first. I find this is the best way to introduce a new letter. 

We did some gardening which wasn’t necessarily “u” related but it needed to be done. 

I let them have a free for all with the art supplies. I knew I would regret this but it is Messy Monday!  

Ultimately a horrible idea because this is what I’m working with right now. 

Then we had a “u” bath. I drew u’s with shaving cream and bath paint and let them play. Then I turned on the shower and had them use plates as umbrellas. 


We also watched Up. Timmy loved it. It was his first time seeing it. On an adult level tho, what a depressing movie.

We made these cute cotton ball ghosts from my friends Pinterest board because it’s October!! My favorite time of year. The next few weeks are dedicated to Halloween fun. I love a craft that they can do all on their own. This way they really feel like they created it.

We did letter review by matching sticker letters to written letters. Timmy does this very easily but its work for Grace. 


Tuesday we spent almost an hour singing Jesus songs and playing instruments. 

Then we had an unexpected science class with this larger than life big. I think maybe it’s a stick bug with a baby on its back. 


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