Race Weekend

We took a mini family vacation and a few friends came too. To be honest I wasn’t exactly thrilled about going. My husband purposely putting himself on a track with other inexperienced drivers racing at speeds well above 120 doesn’t make me jump for joy. However when we got there it all came back to me. 

The reason we do this, how it all got started, was my Dad.

My dad loved to race and even when he would go off for his weekend races me and my mom would cringe with worry. I got into it for a short while but I think women find the idea of possibly crashing your own car a little less fun than men do, at least I did. Anyway my dad got Tim into it. At the time I thought it was cute seeing my dad, my brother and my husband go racing. Now we have 2 kids so it’s not as cute. My dad has since grown older and can’t race anymore. But just being back at that track filled me with all our old memories of me and him racing together and of me and my mom nervously watching the boys race from the pool deck. 

Our view from the room was perfect. I mean it wasn’t your 4 star beach view but as far as racing goes it was top notch. 😊

The way my kids lit up to see their Dad racing was all worth it. Timmy was so proud cheering him on from the balcony.  

When did my baby boy become a kid who is big enough to help with the luggage.  

The kids spent time in the pool with their friends while the parents kicked back a couple bottles of walmarts finest vino.


First place in our hearts. #126


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