Sweet Memories

“Timmy can you push me up to the sky?”

“No Grace because I will miss you and so will mommy.”

Timmy caught his first baseball last night! 

“Mom I love you all all all all day every day!” This boy 💙

And a not so sweet memory lately is Graces obsession with clothes. It’s driving me nuts. There is a wardrobe change every 20-30 minutes. I don’t know what to do other than to lock up all the clothes. 

“Grace that’s a chocolate kiss. That means eat it and give me a kiss!”

We were saying the Lord’s Prayer and when we got to “Thy Kingdom come” Timmy says mom we just saw the kingdom the yesterday at Disney. Hmmmm Guess the kids think Disney is heavenly.

At the dinner table tonight, “Timmy you’re the best brother in the whole whole world!” 

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