Homeschool Letter P

Yay! P for Pumpkin! We have definitely learned this letter extensively. We did endless pumpkin activities and had so much fun.

Added to our morning circle routine was the “Five Little Pumpkins” song. They both loved it.  


One of the days we did a craft to match! 

We did a Letter P scavenger hunt and then they named what we found and I wrote it down. They loved this. It helps that every toy we own right now is perfectly spread out aka total mess.  
We did a number match game. Timmy has trouble with numbers 6 and 9.  

Grace was so serious about this lacing pumpkin. When I would try to take a picture she would say not yet mom I’m not done. She’s so cute and I love how she loves to learn.

Timmy did a size sorting activity while Grace did the lacing pumpkin. I’ve started giving him direction and walking away and then come back to check his work. It is amazing to me how much he can do on his own. He only got one wrong. 

Timmys handwriting and scissor cutting skills have improved so much since August. He did this entirely by himself. 

Now when I gave him this pattern worksheet and he did it correctly this mama was amazed. There is no better reward to this “homeschooling” thing than when you see your child get it. When I first tried to explain patterns to Timmy in the beginning of the school year I thought for sure this was out of our league. But nope. Look at this. 

While Timmy was busy with his work Grace did a color matching activity and she did it perfect. 

Look at that face. So focused on staying in the lines.   Here we separated uppercase and lowercase P. 

This activity was cute. I put the number up and they added the correct number of pumpkins. Then vice versa.
We did soooo many crafts since it’s Halloween week also. Here are some of my favorites:          


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