Kid Dates

Happy All Saint Day! We had such a great day and I gotta give it all to God. When we start our days with the Lord the rest of the day just falls perfectly into place. 

Tim took the early shift at serving coffee and bagels at church and I took the 10 o’clock. My priest calls it Holy “Grounds” ☕️☕️ ugh I just love that me and him are on the same level when it comes to cutesy stuff. The kids went to Sunday school and we went to mass. Sunday school is our greatest blessing. I love that we get to hear the message while the kids get their own version on their level. 

After church Tim took Timmy to the Air Show and me and Grace had a tea party with her new tea set courtesy of Memaw. I love the one on one time. She just crawled in my lap and said I want to snuggle you mommy and we watched Cinderella 😍. Dreams do come true.







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