A Super Hero’s Halloween

Well Halloween was celebrated with much enthusiasm, maybe too much. The kids had so much fun though.

Here’s our super hero family! 

Trick or treating was a blast. We had quite the little crew. Everyone was so eager to knock on doors and ring bells that there was no chance the neighbors were going to miss this bunch. 

Aunt Jessica way out did herself with the Halloween night food and decorations. 

My mom made a cheese dip pumpkin and homemade leaf shaped chips! I have a very talented family and clearly it started from the top. 

 The dads in our little group all dressed up too. I love that they are all about it. 

The kids took a shot at their first apple bobbing and was I surprised. Both my kids got it right away. 

Max was the cutest little Oompa Loompa  

 And Memaw the prettiest little puppy. Grace was in love. Walked her around all night so proud.

We had 3 parties leading up to Halloween. One with our original baby playgroup. We all had babies around the same time and we’ve been friends foreverrr.  

Timmy was a little bent out of shape because this day is really all about these babies that I guess really are not babies anymore 😭 

We painted pumpkins, made some handprint crafts, played pin the hat on the witch and shared some smooches. 


We met the newest addition to the group little Jolie. Grace was obsessed.



The kids even had a themed lunch 😊   

Partying continued the next weekend with a visit to the farm for pumpkin picking, face painting and train rides.

Then we had everyone over for pizza and pumpkin carving. 

Then the kids have a glow in the dark sword fight and the dads finished up the pumpkins. 

The parents may have had a little fun too. 


We got boo’d this year! I love my neighborhood. The kids thought it was the Great Pumpkin who brought them the basket. Huge Charlie Beiwn fans over here. 

We boo’d two new neighbors. I felt like a Halloween Santa sneaking up to their doors and leaving these basket so.


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