Timmy is FOUR

I can’t believe it. How my little baby boy is a four year old kid I do not know but it’s true.

He is the sweetest little boy ever. We went on our traditional Disney trip to celebrate and every person that passed by he was wishing them a Merry Christmas! There’s definitely something special about him. He has an extra big heart for people. 

We were all very excited for our trip, even the elves! 


We started our trip bright {dark} and early for Magic Kingdom. Weather was more than perfect and the lines super short. We take this same picture every year on Aladdins Carpets because it’s Timmys favorite ride but I’m guessing that will change soon.

We met some princesses which you would think was all about Grace but from the looks of it Timmy seems happier about it than Grace. 

Timmy played the plate in the Beauty and the Beast show.

Timmy’s best friend Cade joined us in the afternoon for some fun. 

Timmys other favorite rides, dumbo and the car racing. But his ultimate favorite is Buzz Lightyear ride. Toy story is his new obsession. 

Grace is all about it’s a small world bc she thinks all those baby dolls are hers and she’s crazy about the carousel. 

The next day we took it easy then went to Hollywood studios at 2:00. This was my kids first trip there. We saw Disney Jr and Frozen sing-a-long. Let me tell you that Frozen show is the best thing I’ve ever seen! Amazing. Then we went on Toy Story Mania, a new favorite. Such a cute ride.  

Then we went to the Osbourne Light Show. It really blows you away. I’m so sad that it’s over forever.  


On the way out of the park we ran into Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater. 


 Then we went back to the hotel for hot chocolate overflowing with marshmellows and a candy cane stirrer. 

 The next day we spent at the pool. Timmy had the best time going on the slides.  



For dinner we went to Celebration. The cutest town ever, where it snows on the hour from 5-9pm.  

And we met with Santa! Timmy asked for a red jeep and Grace a new baby stroller. 

The next morning was Timmys birthday! The elves were so excited they helped decorate. 

Timmys birthday wish was for pancakes. So mama delivered. 

Then we went to ICE. The theme was “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” It was incredible. They give you 30 minutes to walk thru but turns out you only need like 10. 9 degrees is cold, very cold. 

Then Timmy went snow tubing with Aunt Sam, Aunt Toria and Aunt Erica.   


This seems like the birthday that never ends. I always have trouble with this. Lol. I just don’t ever want his birthday to be overshadowed by Christmas so I go alittle overboard. When we got home we had cake for family that couldn’t come to Disney with us. 


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