Gobble Gobble

Thanks giving is almost here but really it kinda feels like Thanksgiving has come and gone. It is so hard not to get so excited about the Christmas season. I really tried to stay away from Christmas anything until after that turkey was served but I failed. This morning we watched Elf on the Shelf and Mickey Saves Santa. There might also be Christmas music playing in my house along with a pine scented candle.

We have been learning about Thanksgiving alittle but tho. Last week at our first church playgroup we sang the song “Count Your Blessings” and we made a Blessing Tree. We traced the kids hands and wrote down what they were thankful for starting with Jesus. Timmy was thankful for oranges {which he won’t eat}, costumes, chicken and ketchup. Gracie was thankful for mommy, max, Timmy and Aunt Jessica. 

 We’ve been reading Thanksgiving books every night in November. Surprisingly we have a lot of them. 

We put crafting into overdrive. 


Thanksgiving day started very early this year. We had to be out the door by 9:30 to get to Aunt Jessica’s. This world has turned a thankful holiday into a shopping holiday. It’s just terrible. I will pay double the price for something before you catch me shopping on Thanksgiving. Never. Unfortunately tho my mom has to work and every year it’s earlier so we are at noon. It was amazing. Seriously probably the best thanksgiving food ever. Look at this big group!

My kids had a ball with their cousins. They were both pretty obsessed with Carter. 

 Getting a picture of all three cousins smiling was a a total fail. This was the best ones.

More of the fam 


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