Prayers of a Boy

Just recently Timmy has started praying on his own, unprompted, anywhere and everywhere. It is adorable.

“Jesus please give me all the beetles.”

Or at the museum, “Jesus please give me a dinosaur.”

Last night in bed my husband hears him whisper, “Jesus please make me a dog.”

Today he was sitting right next to me and then all of a sudden he’s in prayer, “Jesus please help mommy make me a cake. Amen.”

Every time his little hands folded and eyes shut. And though his requests are silly to us, the process is 100% right.

My little boy believes with all his heart that he can pray to Jesus for anything and everything, that no request is impossible. I love that his time with Jesus is anywhere he sees fit and that his words are conversational. 

I can’t take any credit for this. We really don’t know where he learned it. He has always been close to God. 

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