Sweet Memories

“Mom do you want to spend time together?” Ugh this boy melts my heart.

Grace was a born mama. No doubt. This baby got a very nice warm bath and a towel.  
Timmy looks like he’s working on something serious. He says to me from under this stroller, “Can someone hand me my hard wrench?” 

“Goodnight baby I love you. Mom can you say goodnight to my baby?” Seriously these kids are the sweetest. 

The kids woke up especially early today and got into a tickle fight with Daddy. The best. They thought it was so funny.


“I’m going bye bye mommy I’ll be right back.” Dressed her baby and packed her purse. And I can hear her asking her baby if she wants chicken nuggets for lunch. 


“Mommy my toilet is broken!”

Ok I’ll tell Daddy

“Yea because Daddy fixes everrrything!”

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