Homeschool Letter D

D is for Dinosaur! Such a fun theme. Both my kids and my nephew love dinosaurs. There’s a new dinosaur exhibit at the children museum and Pixar has a new dinosaur movie coming out next weekend too.

We borrowed awesome books from Max about dinosaurs and started circle time with that.

First we did our letter Dd block building. And Gracie’s baby came to class.

We did a letter Dd search. Those lower case b’s were very tricky.  
Timmy did a handwriting worksheet and Grace colored a dinosaur.   
Then we went on a D scavenger hunt. Really becoming my favorite activity.  
Timmy did dinosaur graphing with dinosaur eggs {peanut M&Ms} and Grace had to tell us the color of the eggs. She knew every color but green. She said it was blue.   
We did run into an issue with this. If I ask Grace to do something different then Timmy he gets so upset. Like full on tears. Not sure if this is a jealousy thing or what. Even at calendar time, if Grace puts up the month Timmy gets so mad because he wants to put up the month even though he just put up the day of the week. Really going to focus on taking turns in other areas than sharing toys.

Timmy doing his pattern work    
  And Gracie doing her do-a-dot. We didn’t have a dotter handy so she colored all the circles.  

Then they both traced all the letters.

  I told Grace to trace the dotted lines and she did ALL the lines lol

Timmy counted dinosaurs and pasted the number next to them. Problem numbers were 7 and 10.

 Grace separated little d from big D   

They both got a chance to put these dinosaurs in size order. Timmy did his by himself.    

We were lucky to have a field trip to the museum. Grace was terrorfied but Timmy loved it. 

We watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I actually loved this movie.

Dinosaurs galore. This week lasted about 2 weeks really and now we will take a break until the new year. 


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