Sweet Memories

I just caught Timmy praying for the first time. Hands folded, eyes closed, “Jesus please can I have all the beetles.”

Gracie’s scoots over to my dad and says, “Gda I love you.”

She’s just so beautiful.  

Oh. My. Goodness. I just caught Grace nursing her baby doll. She says, “Are you all done baby? Ok let me put my dress back on.” Her mommy game is strong.  


“Look mom I’m Santa Claus!” 


At church today Timmy is talking to Jesus so sweetly saying that he misses him and telling me how Jesus loves him every day all day and then it gets very quiet and Timmy yells, “Mommy I can see Jesus underwear!” 

When I came home from my moms only beach day these were on the table. Most beautiful flower filled vase I’ve ever seen. My sweet boy.

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