Christmas Eve!

I’ve seriously been on super drive since 6:30am but I want to get a few things on here before I erase all my pictures to make room for Christmas Day.

We’ve been cooking and baking all day. Lucky for me I’ve have 2 little helpers. 

Yup I let them lick the batter šŸ™ˆ pretty sure all good moms do.

 First time making peanut butter pie and we taste tested this too. Amazing!  
I’m most nervous about these cinnamon rolls. These are daddy’s favorite and I always just buy the ones in the can. This year I thought I’d step it up a notch. We will see. Kinda wishing I had a can for backup.

 They did quite a job with Jesus’ birthday cake. Sprinkles galore. 

Ericas house looked like Santas workshop. Endless gifts. These kids are spoiled. I had to hold them back from opening every single gift. 

 Santa even made a surprise visit. 


Grace asked Santa for a baby šŸ˜‰

The kids had so much fun together. 


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