Merry Christmas

We were woken up Christmas morning to the sound of Timmy singing Jingle Bells very loudly. I’m so sad that I thought I was videotaping and I wasn’t. They ran to the tree and Timmy ripped open his red jeep and say, “Oh. My.” And folds his hands to the sky and says thank you Santa. He is too cute. Then the unwrapped Gracie’s fancy baby stroller. They both also got butt scooters tho I’m not sure that’s the real name for them. Timmy got a Leap frog dog and Grace a sit and spin. We do 3 gifts each just like Jesus got 3 gifts from the Wise Men. 

Christmas Day is at our house. Breakfast, presents, naps, snacks and dinner is the usual schedule. We really had a beautiful day. 

We told everyone to come in their pajamas.  

We had one more special gift to give the kids that we were especially excited about.  

 Yup this is our last Christmas as a family of FOUR! Baby Dube #3 will be here in August. It was so nice to tell everyone at the same time in the same room. Gracie didn’t quite get the idea and wanted to wear the onsie. 

Dinner was so delicious. I love that we all are at one big table. And for the kids we did a picnic on the floor. 

 We are so blessed.

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