Homeschool Letter S

S is for Snowman! It feels so good to be back in our homeschool routine and out of holiday season. Everyone is happier when there’s a schedule. And the kids missed school.

We started by tracing the Letter S. I told them to trace it 10 times. Then Timmy did a practice cutting page. After that I gave him pieces of a snowman to cut out and paste onto blue paper. For Grace I cut her pieces out for her. 

Timmy traced numbers 1-10 and then did a pattern worksheet. 

I think it’s so cute that he wants to put his name on everything now. We took a little break to read a book, Corduroy. I loved that book as a kid. In first grade the teacher had us each take a teddy bear Corduroy home and write about what we did.

Then we watched Leap Frog Letter Factory. This movie really helps with letter recognition and sounds. And when they get to Letter L the kids get a lollipop.

We went outside and played some soccer and they had a picnic lunch with my not so perfect snowman sandwiches. 

When we came in we did some more Letter S work.

Separating lower and uppercase S. 

Snowflake matching game. 

Then Timmy did some snowman graphing and Grace did a snowman pyramid build. 


Tuesday we had snowmen pancakes. My food art is clearly lacking but these kids love it. Timmy says wow mom you are so sweet.

Today’s school work started with coloring snowmen scarves to match their hat brims.  

The finished products while both correct are so different. I love it. I love to see the difference between the ages. 

While Timmy worked on handwriting Grace did another color recognition worksheet. She had to circle the color scarf with the same color marker. Girl is a genius in my book.  

Timmy is so funny with his name having to be on every single piece of paper. 

Then we went on an S scavenger hunt. 

We took out some play dough and they are making all kinds of things. Letter S, snowmen, melted snowmen, hot dogs and pillows. It’s very busy. 


And now it’s turned into a fake snow ball fight. MESS. 

Wednesdays is church playgroup. We made a birthday card for Father Ulto and a Thinking of of You card for Father Lopez. His sister went to Heaven on Christmas Eve. 

Then we made shaving cream snowmen and marshmellow snowflakes. 


We made snow today. Technically it’s a new week and we should be moving on to our next letter but it’s actually very cold today so we had to give it one more day.  

Timmy says mom can I put some snow in my pocket like Peter? I just love hearing things like that. Really shows him listening and learning from books.

We caught some love bugs and had a yummy lunch. 


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