Sweet Memories

“Mom look I am the strongest kid in the whole wide world!” 

This kid was going around picking up anything and everything and lifting them over his head. He is so cute.

And then there’s my sweet Grace. This girl is crazy about Santa. It’s January and she’s still rocking her Santa hat saying ho ho ho. And we may have lost half a tube of Desitin when she applied her very own Santa beard. 


The kids got fish for Christmas from Memaw. So we ended up with 2 fighting fish and 2 glofish. And now we only have one of both. Timmy says wow mom did you see Gracie’s fish are invisible. And grace says no I think they disappeared.

We tried telling Timmy about how Memaw is my mom. It was hilarious. First question was but you don’t live with your mom? And then he couldn’t understand that me and Tim had different moms. Grace got stuck on the idea that max is not her cousin. Her logic was she’s whirl so that means she’s a mommy and Max is her baby.

Going on a very serious adventure. 

& this is how you eat cereal. Head first. 

It’s just chocolate mommy! 



The kids are playing Puppy. Grace is the dog and Timmy the owner. He built her a cage and even came to the kitchen to get her a bowl of water. Lol

Grace’s very first mom bun. Daddy’s favorite hair do. 


I had my hair braided the last few days. When grace woke up I was in the shower. She comes in and starts crying, “Mama where’s your Elsa hair?” Like hysterical crying.

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