Baby #3 Memories in the Making

So we told the kids about the baby on Christmas and every week since then I show them a video sonogram of what the baby looks like. It’s such a different experience this time around because they both totally get it. When I was pregnant with Grace, Timmy was too young to understand what was happening.

They both tell me that there’s two babies in there which is a little frightening but I think it’s because Grace wants it be a girl and Timmy wants a boy.

Me and Tim could not care either way. We feel so blessed to be given this gift a third time that we are just going to keep the gender a surprise. I found an all white outfit at gap that I’ll use in the hospital and then I’ll bring Gracie’s and Timmys coming home outfits depending on what the little peanut is. 

Just the other day Grace was lifting my shirt and saying BOO. I was like what’s happening here? She explained she was playing peek-a-boo with the baby.

I’ve been pretty sick. No throwing up thankfully. I stopped feeling sick week 9 and was concerned but it’s week 10 and it’s back in full force. I know it’s pretty unheard of but I swear I can feel movements already. My got to food is a sesame bagel with cream cheese. I could eat one breakfast lunch and dinner but it’s gotta be from bagel brothers and jello pudding cups.

My doctor appointment isn’t until week 12 because of insurance reasons. I am so looking forward to hearing the heartbeat and a doctor saying yes you are pregnant! It’s so weird to not be at the doctor right away like I was for Timmy and Grace. Both kids I think I went at 5 weeks.

Me and Tim have had some late night discussing baby names. With the first too, no joke they were both completely named before we even said “I do.” Timmy Michael obviously named after Tim and Grace Madeline after my Aunt Grace and Great Grandmother Madeline. Since both kids have such special meaningful names I was set on giving this baby the same. I got that if it’s a boy but not for a girl. I really wanted to use both our mothers names, Carolyn June, but Tim is not a fan. He had an ex girlfriend with the name Carolyn so he just can’t get past it. 

So as of right now a boy will be Henry Thomas after my grandfather whose middle name is Henry and Tims uncle who’s first name is Henry. Then Thomas after my grandfather, Dad and brother.         If it’s a girl, Lydia Elizabeth. Lydia is not a family name however we fell in love with its bible reference. In the bible Lydia is a woman who loved Gods word and loved to put it into action. Elizabeth is the mother of John the Baptist and my middle name which would give me and her the same initials.

The kids are obsessed with the book “When the new baby comes Home” and they even walk around with dolls under their shirts. I love how excited they are. And if you need a lesson in babies Timmy will explain how they cut babies out of your belly.

I officially felt this little peanut move. 10 weeks 3 days. ❤️

This is a miracle. Lol

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